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 16-08-2017     Mr. Dam Smith

Higher than a billion of monthly users Google’s Gmail is one of the most recommended webmail apps in the world. It provides the easy to handle and most reliable cloud services. You can log into your Gmail Account through your phone and your laptop as well. In this Blog, we are going to let you know about some of the best ways to protect your Gmail account.

Incredible ways to protect your Gmail Accounts

Choose a tenacious password:

Well! Choosing a strong password for the Gmail account is always a crucial task to do. You should choose a stro9ng and tenacious password to protect your Gmail account from any hacks.

Updated the Gmail account with recovery mail address:

In case of forgetting your password, the recovery mail address can help you to log into your Gmail account. So never forget to add a recovery mail address with your email account.

Avoid the suspecting mails:

It is another way to keep your Gmail account protected from the virus and blocking issues. Do not ever open any suspected emails.

Hence, these are some of the incredible ways to shield your Gmail account. So, next time whenever you log into your Gmail account, do go through the above security processes.

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